Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like Father, Like Sons?

Is it bad that I am constantly comparing my boys? Actually, I am not sure if comparing is the right word here. It's just so funny to me how much Logan reminds me of Lukas and Lukas reminds me of my loving husband ~ which would equal Logan reminding me of my loving husband as well wouldn't it? They all do some of the same things (they also all three have the EXACT same feet, and as my boys know, I LOVE me some baby piggies - aka feet?!
It just strikes me as...I dunno, weird. Almost surreal. I mean, I know these boys came from the same parents, but to have so many similarities...
You all will remember this:

Well, tonight I went to check on my boys and when I walked into Logan's room and peered over his crib here is what I saw:
Cute, huh? Totally racked. I think the LePages call this "one leg up".

But, the moment I saw it, it brought back this memory:Uncanny isn't it? I wonder if Logan will always follow in Lukas' footsteps?
Oh yeah...one more thing...
I wonder who they get it from?
This, my friends is the Lepage "one leg up". Total comfort and relaxation. I will never forget my sister-in-law telling me a story about how someone was a knockin' on her door and she was annoyed cuz, "c'mon! I had one leg up!"
Although I was not born a LePage like my loving husband (pictured above) or my sister-in-law, I have married into the LePage family. And, in my years as a family member, I have had many moments to try this little maneuver out. and Ahhhhhh. Oh yeeeahhhh..... it IS comfy! ("I DO like green eggs and ham sam i am!") Try it. I dare ya.


Kim Hodges said...

That's funny. I like the "one leg up" position while driving. My left foot gets wedged up there by the window. :)

Kim Hodges said...

PS--Just on long trips. Not so much around town. :)