Monday, November 17, 2008

All Better

After a week or so of battling fevers, I think they are all better. Logan got it first, then of course Lukas thought he needed it and we certainly can't keep these things to ourselves so, sorry Kim, I am certain that Lukas went ahead and shared it with Jonathan (albeit before we knew Lukas had it!), who shared it with Kaleigh who shared...well, you know the story. I am happy to report that we now have two, happy, healthy boys who are, once again, full of energy!

And in my effort to continue to give thanks:
21. Thermometers that are digital and light up for those 2am readings.
22. Infant Ibuprofen
23. Children's Tylenol
24. new babies (welcome Tyler!)
25. Diet Coke
26. That Lukas can ride his bike with his buddies on his 'day off' (aka Saturday).
27. Blogger
28. Girls Night
29. Nicholas Sparks
30. A husband who enjoys taking care of his kids
31. Double Dave's Pizza
32. Ebay
33. Fall and the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees
34. The cooler weather
35. Warm fuzzy hats and gloves
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 chr 16:34


Kim Hodges said...

My kids woke up fever-free and full of energy! Sounds like we didn't get it as bad as you guys, so don't feel bad!

aliandsander said...

I'm so tired of illness! I think we're all over it now. It's hard to distinguish between teething runny nose and regular runny nose. I am glad to hear you're all well again. I meant to ask you- what is the croup freezer trick?