Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photo Tag

I got this idea from my friends Kim and Chelsea. Here's the scoop: Post your first picture from your first photo file, second photo from your second photo file, third from the third...etc all the way to 10. No editing, no cheating. So, here I go...I have no idea what I am about to find. It's kind of exciting...
From the April 2008 folder - Lukas' fifth birthday at Jumpin Jacks Party Shack

From the August 2008 folder ~ Logan's first sink bath

From the Branson, MO file...me and my loving husband posing for this fine photo opp on the train.

From the Easter file ~ Lukas first time to dye Easter Eggs. I think he was just about to turn 4.

From the Family Visit February 08 - Logan's Gammie get some snuggles!

From the January 07 file...my boys!

From the June 08 file...Logan loves to swim!

From the July 07 file...*SIGH* Freckles and Sir Napoleon LePage the First. What more can I say? From the March 07 file...Galveston Island, Spring Break.

From the May 08 file...Logan LOVED to look at himself in the mirror. In fact, he still does!

OK - now it's YOUR turn! Come on, you know you want to...it'll be fun. I promise!


Sharon said...

Yeah! I saw I picture of Reagan! Whoot, whoot! :0)

Sharon said...

Oops, sorry. That should have gone on the previous post! Anyway, I'm participating in the photo tag. What a FUN idea! Thanks so much for sharing. (My post will be up on Thursday). ((Hugs))

Kim Hodges said...

Those are great! Thanks for playing!