Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Settled

I think we are as done as we are gonna get ~ thanks to my sweet friend Julie Z for taking the big, brown, comfy, best napping chair off my hands. I just couldn't make room for it :( At least Marvin will get some good naps out of it!
I really do love this new little apartment. It is so cozy - our old house had beautiful wood floors throughout, so this carpet everywhere business sure is...soft and warm. Oh, and it doesn't squeak at all! No more tip toeing around the kids rooms at night for fear of hitting the squeak and waking the sleeping child.

Minus the minor flaws of brand newness (dirty water from the new pipes never having pushed water through them = brown ice cubes, brown washing machine water, dirt left behind in your water cup; clogged toilets from construction workers thinking they can flush anything down a toilet; no hot water due to an electrical problem with the hot water heater...) we are very happy here. And what makes us even more happy is that with all the problems listed above, we didn't have to pay a penny to fix any of it! The apartment manager is a sweet heart and I have her number on speed dial, she fixes us up right away. (She has a touch of awe struckness living next door to a famous person, AKA, my husband, the evening news anchor.) So she is extra sweet to us for fear of ending up on the evening news as a mean manager of a poorly run apartment complex! (Neither of which is true). I'd say she is wrapped around our little fingers! Thanks, honey, for being famous ;)

Here is the final product:
The boys have adjusted so well. Not a complaint from either one of them...except Lukas did mention tonight that there is not as much room to play. But I think Logan would beg to differ. His old room was exactly the size of a closet. His new room is four times as big! Perhaps this will inspire him to go exploring and start crawling! All in good time I suppose!


A Hoosier Family said...

It's cute!

Chelsea Rambin said...

Wow! You have worked really fast. What a pleasure to live in a place where someone else solves your household problems...I'm a little jealous.

aliandsander said...

I totally hear you about squeaky wood floors. Our basement is carpet, but the upstairs is all wood floors. Walking past the kids bedrooms is definitely done with a light step! You are a fast worker, the place looks great!