Thursday, October 23, 2008

They grow too fast

I just can't get over how the time is passing. There is no greater testament to the passing of time than a growing child. I love my boys. They are truly a gift from Him. And I can't believe He gave them to me. It just strikes me from time to time. He trusts me enough with these precious lives. And they are precious. Just look at em':

I still remember the day he was seems like yesterday. Now look at him. Although he is still completely and innocently helpless, he has turned into a little boy right before our eyes!
Oh yes, I still remember the day Lukas was born too! It seems like yesterday that he was a little chunk of love sitting on the floor attempting to crawl...
THENThey must grow when we aren't watching.


Disclaimer: I did not dress him! I simply told him to put something comfy on...I guess there is nothing like a good pair of cowboy boots! And a duck bill. And a bike helmet. Apparently he had multiple things on his mind. That's our Lukas.

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