Friday, October 3, 2008

With your first baby you would never have....

Let them eat off the floor! Yeah - that's right. With Lukas it would never have crossed my mind to let him sit and eat off the floor. Never. Oh, how things change with your next babies!
It was a desperate situation, I promise. And I made sure to put him on a lightly trafficed section of the office floor. He was happy and I got the newsletters printed and ready for Sunday morning!
Tomorrow morning is the Bell Chase. Lukas and I are signed up to run our first race together! His entry number is 1903 and we will have covered exactly 1 mile when we cross the finish line. Lukas, of course is stoked at the possibility of a trophy....stay tuned! My loving husband and Logan will have camera in hand!

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Jonathan and Sara said...

haha no worries, Reagan. Micah is my first baby and I let him eat off the floor!
I've learned living overseas that most places in the world thing Americans are a little overboard in our cleanliness. If things are too clean then the child doesn't build up certain anitbodies and can get sick easier. Makes sense to me. So I think of letting Micah eat off the floor as an investment in his future health! I swear he takes cheerios with him out of his highchair and drops them around the house just to "save them for later". hehe