Thursday, October 30, 2008

NASCAR in Texas

Here is what a NASCAR Driver from Texas drives:

Last night was Glenwood's Fall Festival ~ Trunk or Treat. Members bring their cars/trucks/SUV's/vans etc and decorate them and hand out candy. Then the kiddos go from car to car collecting their beloved candy treats. It really is a good time and a great out reach from the church to the neighbors who join us.

Lukas had a wonderful time - he mostly enjoys seeing his buddies and sizing up their costumes! The candy is kind of an after thought for him. He's more of a salt lover instead of sugar. ("chips please?" "...presenting CHIPS!") The extended LePage family will no doubtably understand what's written in the parenthesis!

Even Logan and my loving husband (who was dressed as a...yep you guessed it - a news anchor!) Actually, he didn't have a choice what to dress as because he was just with us on his dinner break. Aren't they ALL handsome?

How cute is this? Would you believe me if I told you her name is Tootsie? It is. It really, really is! I promise! She's just the sweetest thing too.

And yes, she is indeed handing out Tootsie Rolls!

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Sharon said...

Yes, they're all cute. That lady in the Tootsie Roll costume is adorable.
Okay, so when will there be a picture of Reagan? (hint-hint) ;)