Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is normal?

OK - I have decided to take the challenge from my friend Kim's blog as well as Chelsea's blog! Ok, here I go. I am list girl too. I'm with ya on that one Kim! I love lists. Really. I get more done if I have a list.
This is my Monday/Wednesday Normal. I have several normals. What is normal anyways?
Wake Lukas
Hound Lukas to get dressed
Make beds
Hound Lukas to brush his teeth, wash his face and hands
Dry hair
Dress myself
Gather lunch
kiss loving husband good bye
sneak into babies room and whisper how much i love him and a light kiss
sit in drive way for five minutes waiting for the perfect moment to risk me and my sons life as we back out in the busiest street in the neighborhood. Which by the way people are SPEEDING on even though there is a posted School Limit!
kiss Lukas
tell him to do his very best and get that green bear!
speed off to work
sit at desk and work
work some more
off to day care
pick up cutest boys in the world
talk about school
homework and cheerios while i make dinner
daddy's home for dinner
dinner as a family at the table
daddy goes back to work
kids baths
night night to Lukas
bottle for Logan.
lots and lots of snuggling
night night to Logan
enjoy my first moment of utter relaxation in the big brown chair.
biggest loser or the office or Dr Phil on the DVR
work on cards - Christmas ones right now!
ladies bible class study
and my very most favorite part of normal: crawling into our big comfy Tempurpedic bed!
Now tell me, what's your normal?

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