Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Forwarding Address

In my attempt to not use the word hate (Gal 5:19-21)... I STRONGLY dislike moving. The only good to come of such a feat is my innate ability to 'get rid of stuff'. Oh yes, there was a time in my life when I would never throw anything away, but 40 weeks and a 8lb., 3 oz. bundle of boy named Lukas changed all that. I immediately had to make room for all his 'stuff'. And so began my love affair with the garbage can. In fact, I love garbage day. Really, I do. I wake up and immediately start going through the fridge and cabinets, just to see what can be discarded. Then I go from bathroom to bathroom, room to room as excited as a bumble bee on a marigold, throwing stuff in the big white GLAD bag. Now I know why they are called Glad bags! I get such a feeling of accomplishment when 'stuff' is outta my area and in the big green dumpster!
ok...i have gone off track here.
Back to moving. I don't even like talking about it. That's why it is so easy to get off track. Lucky for us, the move is over. And it was done is one big swift lug. Thanks to Nigel, Marvin, Austin, Matt and my loving husband. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Lukas. What a helper he was! His idea of moving is to take his toys, individually mind you, to the trailer and set them there. It was so sweet and innocent. I would have snapped a picture, but I had no idea where ANYTHING was that morning. The guys did a great job. Minus arriving at 6AM - yes, 6 in the morning. But you know what? Looking back, it was a good thing. We, er I mean, they, had everything loaded on the trailers by 830am. And everything was unloaded into the apartment by 10am. Did I mention that we went from 2050 sq feet to 1200 sq feet? Yeah. We did. And no, I have no idea where everything will go or how it's all gonna fit. We have been scouting out storage units. And Craigslist has come through for us - we sold the comfy futon. Actually, I don't know if it was comfy, but you can check with my loving husband's parents. They would know for sure.
I promise I have not been giving Logan Diet Coke in his bottle. I needed a bottle as much as he did. Obviously, he finished first.
What a mess! It is finally coming together. I plan to post some 'after' pictures in the next day or soon as I can get the last little bit all tucked away into our new Home Sweet Home.
I guess everybody deserves a break, huh? This is third move we have made together and there is no one else in the world I would rather be lugging around our treasures with.


Sharon said...

Wow. I've gone back and read a few of older blog posts, but I didn't know you were moving. That's quite a size-down! Settle in, then post some pictures. :) Blessings!
A Hoosier Family-

aliandsander said...

Man- moving is rough! Looks like it was a pretty smooth transition though. What a great place you have! Looks cozy.